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There is a measurable difference in productivity that occurs when investments in the development of people are made. “How to Lead Now,”
August 2003 issue of Fast Company.

”In a study of 3000 companies, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found that spending 10% of revenue on capital improvements boosts productivity by 3.9%, but a similar investment in developing human capital increases productivity by 8.5%–more than twice as much.”

All workshops can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. They are designed and delivered in an interactive format that increases learning retention. They range from 45 minutes to 2 hours, or can be developed into full day workshops.

The Ultimate Success Secret.

Discover the key driver for success in life and business.

Develop a Millionaire Mindset.

Many of us want to be rich. What are the key ingredients to be financially independent?

The Secrets to Successful Coaching.

Discover ways to increase business and personal effectiveness and profitability, by learning the 3 core competencies, and practice using coaching delivery methods.

Discover What Motivates You (and everyone else).

Ever wonder why some daily activities are a joy and others are just plain drudgery? Human being have 16 basic desires that motivate behavior. Knowing your primary motivators helps you improve your relationships, choose more satisfying activities and be happy.

Find Your Leader Within.

Explore the key ingredients for effective leadership: what works and what doesn’t work in different business situations.

Top Strategies to Become the Creative Force in your Business and Life!

Come learn the secrets that a successful creative entrepreneur utilizes to do what she loves and make money.

Learn the Fastest Way to Generate Income from an Idea on the Internet.

Make money while you sleep by learning a step-by-step process.

Goal Setting for those who Hate Setting Goals.

Learn and practice a method of goal setting that works for you.

The Miracles of Mind Mapping.

Learn a powerful and fun tool to formulate strategy, make decisions and implement your plans.

Communicate with Vitality and Ease.

Discover key words that stop others from hearing you, and learn the elements of Positive Language so you can really get the results you seek.

Use the Power of Body Language to Increase Sales.

You will leave with practical ways to engage and understand your customers that will differentiate you from your competitors in the marketplace.

Transform Stress Into Success.

Leave with practical information and techniques to boost productivity levels.

Create the bridge – Successful Communication between Women and Men.

Discover the secrets of being heard by the opposite gender and learn the primary need of women and men.

The Secrets for Making Choices Easily.

You will leave with more effective tools to make decisions, and work with others who have a different choice making style.

Why not consider a “lunch and learn” series for your organization!

Here is what clients have said:

“Once again I would like to thank you for working with me to develop a program for the lead Food Service workers that would be a fun, learning experience, informative and useful to each of them as part of the Food Service team. I am sure you will see, as you read the completed evaluations, how much success you had in presenting the workshops. I will share the positive results both with my administration as well as my fellow Food Service Directors.”

“I feel that you did an excellent job facilitating this workshop. You didn’t let it become boring or tedious. You didn’t take over the workshop, rather you let us discover and learn the concepts for ourselves.”

“We all want to thank you for your exceptional expertise and hard work in helping the NAC in our group development process. The meeting was a great success.”

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