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PostHeaderIcon About Power Outcomes

Are you trying to:

We help you DO rather than try, so you can create solutions to sustain success.

At P.O.W.E.R OUTCOMES sustained success means comprehensive wellness. We partner with people and businesses to WORK WELL and LIVE WELL, by integrating personal development with business strategy.

Since our most valuable commodity is time, we inspire our clients to find creative ways to live the 80/20 rule. We work with you to determine the 20% of activities that bring you 80% of your results, in your business and in your life.

One person one project at a time we find solutions that matter, so you can work well and live well!

Would you like the following results, like some of our clients?


Company Direction & Relationship Conflicts
Challenge: A
small national company endangered by partners’ unstated conflicts over direction, and lack of clarity around roles and responsibilities.
Solution: Designed workshops, facilitated meetings and strategic focused developmental coaching to surface performance based issues, relationship issues between the partners and achieve alignment of purpose and commitment to action. 30% increase in profitability.

Dealing with Major Loss
Challenge: Help family members who survived destruction of September 11, 2001 take the next step.
Facilitated weekly sessions to produce individual life maps by learning how to plan and take concrete steps in recreating their lives. Included individual Coaching sessions. 90% of participants began taking action in their plan with a renewed sense of purpose.

Career Transition
Challenge: Do I stay or do I leave?
Coached managers and employees from Fortune 100 Company, in career transition and retirement options. Gained clarity and perspective in a shortened time span to make major life decisions.

Increase Business Productivity
Challenge: Financial Services Organization dealing with increased competition, pressure to cut costs and maintain quality.
Involve all employees in integrated strategic planning workshops, work-flow analysis, and skills training. Time savings through systematizing processes. 85% of employees reported greater work motivation. 45% increase in customer satisfaction.

Be Successful Harnessing Creative Talents
Challenge: Frustrated Artist who has put creative talents on hold.
Solution: Coached individual to identify her strengths, create a life plan with practical steps to achieve her dreams. Client left an unsatisfying yet lucrative corporate job, and pursued her dream by writing children’s books grossing more than her prior job.

How do you get such results?

Are you ready to do whatever it takes with integrity, to get the results you want?

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PostHeaderIcon Alyse Parise

Today as founder and president of Power Outcomes, Alyse Parise, LCSW is a pioneer in the ground breaking vision of being a “therapreneur”.  She uniquely blends her business expertise with training, speaking, eighteen years of experience as a creative credentialed psychotherapist, skill as a Certified Business Coach, and a spoon full of intuitive healing. Ms. Parise has helped hundreds of professional women and men end troubling relationships and create radically rewarding relationships at work and home.

Alyse began her career advancing her position to Managing Director of a thriving Corporate Interior Design/ Architectural company of 160 employees where she was in charge of award winning multi million dollar projects. She was also the recipient of a prestigious yearly company scholarship to study abroad all expenses paid.

In her passionate pursuit for empowering herself and others, Alyse migrated to the US and changed careers earning her Masters Degree In Social Work from the State University of New York, Stony Brook in 1992.

During her return to Graduate School, Alyse also built and operated an international import distribution company with sales throughout the US.

Alyse has been in private practice as a psychotherapist for the past 18 years. She has been awarded a 96.7% customer satisfaction rating from one of the largest national insurance companies.

Alyse combined her prior business experience and received Master Leadership coach designation from B-Coach Systems and Leadership University.

Alyse is Coauthor of the step-by-step dynamic 21-Day Business Plan.

She is a trained mediator and credentialed Collaborative Divorce Professional. Having helped many spouses through disturbing divorces, she embraces the more respectful alternative for dissolving marriages. Her triumphant conflict resolution skills are highlighted by more than twenty years of marriage to her opposite.

She has spoken to hundreds of people including HIP, Health Plan of New York; Cablevision; NPD Group; The MONY Group and the Long Island Association.

Ms Parise is praised for her authenticity, knowledge, warmth and her contagious enthusiasm.

Alyse Parise’s education includes:

Masters Degree, Social Work from State University of New York at Stony Brook
Bachelor of Arts, Interior Design, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
Certified Corporate Business Coach from Corporate Coach University International
Master Leadership Coach from Leadership University, (B-Coach Systems)
Sandler Sales Institute, in depth sales training

Certification in Gestalt Therapy, Gestalt Center of Long Island.

Mediation Intensive Training, The Center for Mediation In Law

Collaborative Divorce Team Training

Collaborative One Coach Model

Many other certifications in personal development include Brain Gym, accelerated change techniques (EMDR, TAT, TFT), Meditation,

Alyse’s purpose:

“To empower individuals to reclaim their inherent genius, beauty and Be Bold.”

Her vision:

“Bring joy and peace to the world, one relationship, one project at a time.”

Alyse’s philosophy:

“The bottom line is to live what I teach, and be a good model, by knowing myself and doing my own personal development work. Only then can I be fully present for my clients and let go of my assumptions and beliefs that can get in the way.”

Her wellness:

She exercises daily either jogging, walking or going to the gym. This helps as she really enjoys good food and wine, and likes to cook. Alyse sings in a choir, and dabbles in other creative outlets such as drawing and painting. She is fond of outdoor activities, and grows a vegetable garden in the summer. She enjoys hiking and cross-country skiing. Alyse loves to travel and experience other cultures.

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