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We meet with you and find out what you really need. This sounds simple yet so often, easy solutions are given prior to a comprehensive scope of work. Easy solutions often result in nods of heads and 3 months later there is little follow up on any recommendations.

We take more of a coaching approach where we probe and help you come up with efficient solutions that work, as you know your business best. Through a solid scope of work we determine your needs. Perhaps the solution is coaching to address habits and attitudes, performance and leadership issues, or training which increases skills and knowledge, or group facilitation/retreats.

Our role is to help surface answers that are often buried or hidden behind familiar ways of conducting life and business. When time is invested in the scope of work process the results are more satisfying. If we don’t have the capability we know people who do, and will make referrals.


What is coaching?

Coaching is an interactive encounter between coach and client, that helps individuals and organizations find actionable answers, so the client can sustain success and even go beyond. Areas include:

Business and career development
Relationships and family
Personal development
Health and wellness

How does coaching work?

Essentially we help you focus on strengths to turn challenges into opportunities and flourish. Our approach is a Strategy Focused Developmental Coaching System that integrates personal leadership with business strategy.
Work Well and Live Well is our motto.

Our intention is for you to feel safe by providing a sage, open and confidential environment. The coach listens, observes, gives feedback, asks questions, and offers challenges, which can stimulate ideas. The client’s role is to talk, share ideas, brainstorm, and ultimately learn how to self-coach.

Typically coaching sessions are held weekly or bi-weekly and are conducted by telephone or in person on a regular basis. Generally the coaching relationship lasts from three to twelve months with an optimal duration of six months. Additionally the coach offers assessments surveys to accelerate client development and bring objectivity to the coaching. In the business setting, the coaching contract is based on business quarter.

We also offer group and couple coaching. (Ask about our discounted packages.)

Risk Free Offer

If within the first 30 days of our coaching relationship, you feel the process is unlikely to make a difference in your life or in your business, we will refund you the month’s fee.

What are the benefits of coaching?

To help you accomplish what you say and dream about doing, so you can lead your successful and satisfying life (however you define success).
Plus . . .


  • Provide sustainable results – increased return on investment
  • Improve performance: individual, organizational and business
  • Increases employee retention, satisfaction and motivation
  • Excellent leadership and management skills grow and become habitual
  • Expand opportunities
  • Build and manage effective teams
  • Succession Planning
  • Reduce burnout
  • Time Management


  • Increase effectiveness in relationships with co-workers, clients, loved ones
  • Gain equilibrium in your life and have time to play with family and friends
  • Effective communication


  • Find new possibilities and creative ways of approaching challenges
  • Surface blind spots and make effective decisions
  • Achieve goals through clarifying values, purpose, action plans
  • Navigate change effortlessly


  • Health, happiness and wellbeing

Who works with a coach?

Business owners
People in transition
People reevaluating life choices

What others say

When I started seeing Alyse, my original purpose and goal was to clarify my own goals and true feelings regarding my career and personal direction in life

The structure within which she works has proven to be a strong tool to help me gain an understanding of myself in a way others have not been able to. What compels my feelings on the issue the most is the fact that her technique is very simple and down to earth – the nuts and bolts of life in a way. It is what I have been searching for in my past therapies, and I am happy to report that I finally feel I am making tremendous progress. There is more to go and I now have a basic understanding and groundwork to improve my life and professional career.

I feel I have made more progress in the last nine months with Alyse than in all the years past with other helping professionals.

David B Business Owner / Entrepreneur

If you are willing to ask yourself the difficult questions and go below the surface
If you are ready to see things from other perspectives
If you are ready to shift self-defeating behaviors and can invest the time, energy in you then
Click here for more information or to sign up for a
complimentary coaching session!


Do you have productive employees who understand your company vision?
Are all aspects of your business aligned – values, purpose, processes, people and leadership?
Are members of the team on the same page?
Are you running your life or is your life running you?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then the strategic mapping process can help you get results. The process can be done with individuals or with a group.

If you were going on a long trip, would you leave home without a map? Most people answer no, if you want to reach your destination in the most expedient manner. Yet, how many people go through life winging it, without any sort of map for their personal or business dreams.

Strategic Mapping helps you deal with what is important in terms of business, life or a personal issue you would like to resolve. You will be coached through the process of creating your map by:

  • Taking a deeper look at who you are – examining your assumptions and beliefs, recognizing your strengths, identifying your values and ensuring that your vision is really worth pursuing,
  • Identifying your purpose and getting results
  • Establishing concrete and measurable steps to attain your goals.

Here is what clients have said:

“I feel more confident about the future than I did before the life planning workshops. I feel that with the steps and tools I have leaned, I can better achieve the future that I want. I would never have even thought to write a purpose statement. Now that I have, I refer to it often.”

“The program made me see why I was doing certain things in my life. It made me conscious of my decisions rather than just “going through the motions.” It has enabled me to envision a type of future that I want.”

“We all want to thank you for your exceptional expertise and hard work in helping the NAC in our group development process. The meeting was a great success.”


How do you know what really needs to be addressed unless you bring some comprehensive feedback to the equation. Most people are good decisions makers. They are often making decisions on the wrong information.

How do you get the right information?
Get feedback – through well designed assessments!


Assessments are a great tool to:

  • Understand your underlying behaviors and motivations . Then you can objectively identify what areas need to be addressed, in order to increase personal satisfaction and happiness.
  • Establish more objective data so you can get perspective on multiple life issues.
  • Give you a baseline to clarify differences between what you think about yourself and how you act.

Assessments include:

REISS Profile of Motivational Sensibilities

Measures human motivation through 16 motivational traits. If you want to predict how you will act (really follow through on what you say you will do), then figure out your fundamental desires. The degree to which a desire is important can predict the degree to which you will act on that desire. Desires include Power, Independence, Curiosity, Acceptance, Order, Saving, Honor, Idealism, Social contact, Family, Status, Competition, Romance, Eating, Physical Activity, and Tranquility.

DISC Managing For Success

Is a trait based assessment which helps you understand your personal behavior style and the impact of your behavior on others.

PIAV Personal Interest, Attitudes & Values

Consciously or unconsciously, every decision or course of action we take is based on our experiences, beliefs, attitudes and values. Values direct our actions and offer stimuli for behavior. PIAV is particularly useful in understanding conflict and performance issues.

Kolb Learning Style Inventory

The Learning Style Inventory (LSI) describes the way you learn and how you deal with ideas and day-to-day situations. LSI helps you to interpret and reflect on the ways you prefer to learn in specific settings. You will discover “how” you can learn faster and with greater ease.

MBTI Myers Briggs Type Indicator Form Q

MBTI is an in-depth, personalized description of your personality preferences. Through awareness of your particular style, you can better understand and appreciate the helpful ways that people differ from one another

TKI Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument

TKI is designed to assess an individual’s behavior in conflict situations. TKI has been a leader in the field of conflict styles for over 25 years. TKI is particularly useful in leading discussions and learning about different conflict styles in group and relationship situations.

NLP Processing Styles Summary – Representational Score

NLP helps you determine how you process information. The processing styles are auditory, visual, kinesthetic and auditory digital.


Assessments are a great tool to:

  • Provide clarity so individuals and organizations target the real issues, and solutions are based on the identified areas that need modification.
  • Give you verifiable data instead of anecdotal data
  • Improve employee commitment, engagement, and manager expertise
  • See what you really need to do to engage your employees in providing an extraordinary experience for your customers.
  • Measure customer satisfaction and find out ways to improve.

We use an effective simple-to-use web based assessment called INFOTOOL It is a powerful, upfront, needs assessment tool that not only collects vital, mission critical information, it also creates a fast track in data analysis and roadmap for client solutions.

Infotool is quick to set up and implement, confidential for respondents, and offers a comprehensive Organizational Assessment for the Board and Management to base and justify change.

“The Best Business Tool in America”. – Andy Greig, Bechtel Corporation.

Most used surveys:

Measure Employee engagement / satisfaction

Measure Customer loyalty

Measures organizational improvement


Are your managers and staff clearly aligned with Corporate objectives?

Do your people have the required skills to perform at their optimum?

Leadership Development and Leadership Training, supports people develop skills, establish good habits, assess attitudes and increase knowledge. It is an excellent idea to include coaching to ensure retention and implementation of learning.

We design a program based on your needs. Our development training programs are delivered in short, practical self-paced modules, with effective strategies to impact job performance. They can also be delivered in a classroom setting.

All Training and Development is based on the following principles:

  • All development processes link learning to action
  • Participants leave class with an application plan
  • Everyone knows what to change and what to focus on and how to execute priorities

Topics available include:

  • Time and Stress Management
  • Goals Setting and Planning
  • Organizing People and Things
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Measurements and Standards
  • Discussion Framework and skills
  • Leadership and Motivation
  • Team Building Skills
  • Communication
  • Hiring
  • Negotiating Skills


There is a measurable difference in productivity that occurs when investments in the development of people are made. “How to Lead Now,”
August 2003 issue of Fast Company.

”In a study of 3000 companies, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found that spending 10% of revenue on capital improvements boosts productivity by 3.9%, but a similar investment in developing human capital increases productivity by 8.5%–more than twice as much.”

All workshops can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. They are designed and delivered in an interactive format that increases learning retention. They range from 45 minutes to 2 hours, or can be developed into full day workshops.

The Ultimate Success Secret.

Discover the key driver for success in life and business.

Develop a Millionaire Mindset.

Many of us want to be rich. What are the key ingredients to be financially independent?

The Secrets to Successful Coaching.

Discover ways to increase business and personal effectiveness and profitability, by learning the 3 core competencies, and practice using coaching delivery methods.

Discover What Motivates You (and everyone else).

Ever wonder why some daily activities are a joy and others are just plain drudgery? Human being have 16 basic desires that motivate behavior. Knowing your primary motivators helps you improve your relationships, choose more satisfying activities and be happy.

Find Your Leader Within.

Explore the key ingredients for effective leadership: what works and what doesn’t work in different business situations.

Top Strategies to Become the Creative Force in your Business and Life!

Come learn the secrets that a successful creative entrepreneur utilizes to do what she loves and make money.

Learn the Fastest Way to Generate Income from an Idea on the Internet.

Make money while you sleep by learning a step-by-step process.

Goal Setting for those who Hate Setting Goals.

Learn and practice a method of goal setting that works for you.

The Miracles of Mind Mapping.

Learn a powerful and fun tool to formulate strategy, make decisions and implement your plans.

Communicate with Vitality and Ease.

Discover key words that stop others from hearing you, and learn the elements of Positive Language so you can really get the results you seek.

Use the Power of Body Language to Increase Sales.

You will leave with practical ways to engage and understand your customers that will differentiate you from your competitors in the marketplace.

Transform Stress Into Success.

Leave with practical information and techniques to boost productivity levels.

Create the bridge – Successful Communication between Women and Men.

Discover the secrets of being heard by the opposite gender and learn the primary need of women and men.

The Secrets for Making Choices Easily.

You will leave with more effective tools to make decisions, and work with others who have a different choice making style.

Why not consider a “lunch and learn” series for your organization!

Here is what clients have said:

“Once again I would like to thank you for working with me to develop a program for the lead Food Service workers that would be a fun, learning experience, informative and useful to each of them as part of the Food Service team. I am sure you will see, as you read the completed evaluations, how much success you had in presenting the workshops. I will share the positive results both with my administration as well as my fellow Food Service Directors.”

“I feel that you did an excellent job facilitating this workshop. You didn’t let it become boring or tedious. You didn’t take over the workshop, rather you let us discover and learn the concepts for ourselves.”

“We all want to thank you for your exceptional expertise and hard work in helping the NAC in our group development process. The meeting was a great success.”

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